plastic cards durableTime and time again, we hear that people are finding old plastic cards in their purses and wallets from months or even years ago. It’s more common than you may think, but what’s the reason for it? Well that’s easy!


High quality printed plastic cards have the ability to last far longer than their paper equivalents. They’re not going to tear or rip in your bag, and they certainly won’t go dog-eared. If you’re presenting a business card to a potential client, the last thing you want to hand over it a tatty old paper card, that’s for sure!


What’s more, you’re never going to be stitched up if it rains. All of EyeCatchers’ plastic cards are waterproof, which your customers will definitely thank you for. Next time they’re heading to your shop with their gift card in hand and drop it in a nearby puddle, they’ll be thankful you opted for plastic.

More Than a One Trick Pony

Just because your plastic cards are primarily designed to be appointment cards, event passes or membership cards doesn’t mean they can’t fulfil other uses. Consider having a ruler etched on the reverse of your plastic card or point out its use as a bookmark—that’s sure to keep them in the hands of customers for a good while!

They Look So Much Better

Plastic cards aren’t just functional, they look good as well! You’ll find that clients, colleagues and customers are reluctant to throw out something when it’s been designed and printed so professionally.

It’s Been Proven!

But don’t just take our word for it. Studies show that on average, 80% of plastic cards that are given out are kept by the recipient, long after paper cards have disintegrated into nothing. So don’t wait any longer, get a quote from EyeCatchers now!