business card tipsWhen it comes to your business card, everything has to be just right—after all, this is the thing that people will take home with them and use later to decide whether they’d like to make contact.

With that in mind, we’ve asked our expert in-house design team what makes a really great plastic business card.

Stay on Brand

Perhaps the most important tip is to ensure your plastic business cards match up with your already established brand identity. So that means including your logo and using any brand colours to reinforce and widen your reach.

Keep Your Font in Check

In the vast majority of cases, you’ll want to keep any text on your cards above 6 point but below 8 point. The reason for this is simple: anything below 6 point will be too small for people to read, and anything above 8 will crowd the business card and make it look messy.

If Everything’s Bold, Nothing Is!

It can be tempting to highlight so much information on your business cards since you don’t want the recipient to miss anything. But going this route will lead to nothing being clear. When it comes to your contact information, it’s best to have only the ‘Tel:’ and ‘Email:’ sections in bold, and the actual detail in a standard font. This will give the information a sense of context and will actually make it stand out more.

Don’t Share Everything

Your name, company name, job title, phone number and email address are all key pieces of information that should absolutely appear on your plastic business cards. But is it absolutely necessary to include your Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn and Instagram as well? This will depend on your industry, of course, but more often than not you’ll be safe to only include the essentials—Google will provide your potential client the rest.

Think Outside the Box

One way to ensure your business card is fondly remembered rather than quickly forgotten is to introduce some design features that people don’t see every day. Consider having an interesting picture on one side of the card, or perhaps spread your contact information across both sides. Feel free to consult with our creative team and experiment with the design.